How Camping Toilets Work

Taking care of your portable toilet is essential to your camping experience. In addition to providing a means of sexless sanitation, camping toilets can minimize the environmental impact of your trip. While they do have to be cleaned after every use, they can help reduce the risk of exposure to harmful ecological materials. In addition, the best portable camping toilets are small, lightweight, and easy to move around.


Some portable toilets are built into your RV, while others are portable. Some have a waste holding tank, while others have a mini-trolley that allows you to move waste to a disposal site. A flushing camping toilet is the best of both worlds, performing partial disinfection while circulating chemically treated fluid throughout the tank. This odorless wonder uses a bit of water for rinsing and flushing. Depending on the brand, it may require regular topping up.


The most straightforward camping toilet is a bucket. This bucket, made of standard five-gallon plastic buckets, comes with a toilet seat attached. The bucket also serves as a liner bag and may require a little gelling powder before use. This is the budget-friendly option, although you must get a toilet paper roll if you want to flush it.


The most complex portable camping toilets are made of wood, steel, or plastic. They are sized to fit into most vehicles. They are a good choice for people with limited mobility or who wish to avoid public restrooms. While they are odorless and may save you from dealing with a swarm of bees, they require some maintenance. Those in hot climates may want to opt for a more traditional camping toilet unless they plan on dumping their waste at a dumping station in a developed camping area.


One of the most helpful camping toilets is a bucket/tripod model. This toilet has legs supporting the seat, which means it’s ideal for use over a cathole. This also means that it’s more compact than its bucket counterpart. However, it’s more portable than the latter.


The wag bag is a portable toilet but has a different level of comfort. This type of camping toilet uses biodegradable waste bags to make disposing of your waste easy. The bags can be replaced with the regular trash. Some brands even offer a liner bag that allows you to use a standard toilet paper roll. While it’s not as durable as a camping toilet, it’s a good option for areas requiring you to pack your waste.


The best portable camping toilets are small, lightweight, easy to move around, and odorless. This is the best way to go if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the wilderness. They can also help you avoid muscle strain when you’re on the road. They are also an excellent way to ensure you remember to take care of your restroom, which may be an essential part of your camping trip.

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